Friday, August 12, 2011

Click Flash n Tweet ! New Photo Upload Service from Twitter

With the recently launched photo upload service from Twitter, now we have a way to fit more than a thousand words in just one single message! 

On Wednesday last, Twitter officially made public for all users their new “photo sharing” feature, announced earlier this year, allowing users to upload their photos on the site itself instead of using third-party applications like Twitpic, Instagram, and so on!

Users of this micro blogging site were greeted with a message (see below) upon opening the site, saying: "Share an image on Twitter. Now you can upload and share messages, right from Twitter!"

To upload an image along with a tweet, all users would need to do is click the camera icon located below the "Compose Tweet" text-box next to the compass icon (meant to specify the location of the user) and select the image they want to upload.

After making their selection, a thumbnail of the photo would appear below the box. For those using older browser versions, the filename instead of the thumbnail of the photo will be shown.

According to Twitter, the limit to the file size, users could upload using the “photo sharing” feature is only 3MB, and will be scaled down "to fit into the display pane on the right side of your timeline."

Some might say this to be a coincidence that just last week, Twitter forced all of its users to migrate into the ‘new layout’, launched earlier this year.  Presumably, it was a step that’s well-calculated in advance to pave the way for this new add-on!

Here’s all you can learn about using this new “photo sharing” feature from twitter. Click

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