Thursday, July 7, 2011

Video Call from Facebook - Powered By Skype

Clicks...Likes…& (now) Video Calling!

Yes! It’s the new offering from Facebook that, experts believe, would surely make a difference in social media usage stats the world over. With video calling facility integrated to Facebook (courtesy Skype) users "no longer need to download Skype to make voice and video calls for free."

Now it’s all possible on Facebook!

But I can’t agree with those who believe that with this new Facebook + Skype integration, the latter would gradually become irrelevant. Skype has also become hugely popular for its additional features which include "instant messaging", "file transfer", and "video conferencing", features which are intrinsic to several organizations for smooth day to day management-employee coordination.

On the other hand, as of 2010, Skype has 663 million registered users. If even a quarter of them shifts their usage pattern and starts using Facebook video calling feature over Skype, it will add a lot to Facebook’s user-base.

News that’s buzzing around is that, Facebook and Skype (read Microsoft) is determined to counter Google+ and hence the announcement within a week of the launch of Google’s (plus) project.

Whatever, the corporate games, for the average user, its good news!

If you’re looking to jump into Facebook video calling, there’s a step by step tour for you Click here

Call your friends right from Facebook. Just click the call button at the top of your friend’s profile or chat window. And there’s no need to download software. In case of ‘No Answer’, you can leave a video message as well!

Bring your conversations to life. Get started today!

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