Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Beauty of +1’s

Last week a friend of mine, who's an artist by profession, asked me if I can give him some details on Gagosian Gallery. Now, I'm not that informed about galleries and this one surely sounded Greek! I Google'd and there it was! Pages of information on Gagosian Gallery from Google's Search Engine Result Page (SERP) listings. I clicked on the Wikipedia link and found what I was looking for. A second link directed me to an art review published in the New York Times, not too long ago, helped me gain extensive knowledge about contemporary art galleries in the US. While the Official site offered information on the gallery locations, gallery pictures, the ongoing exhibitions, and so on. The result, a smile of satisfaction on my friend's face and a feeling of contentment inside!

You might say "Whats so special about it?"

Well, you're right, that's how we all do it! Isn't it? I mean, we Google to find the desired information on people, places, products, events, news, and what not!

But, from now on things wouldn't be the same as before! And the change is surely for the better.
It's the newest addition from Google Labs +1 button for websites!

Now we already had +1 button in March, earlier this year, which aimed at helping us find the most relevant results as quickly as possible! The basic concept was to enable users share recommendations with the world right from Google's SERP listings. All that we had to do was click +1 tab on a search result, we found useful. These +1's then start appearing on our contact's search results who in turn would +1 their respective recommendations. So, the next time we Google something, say a recipe or a popular tourist place, we would find +1's on our Google results that some friend of ours have recommended as "this is pretty cool". Thus, it makes our selection much easier!

But even that's an Old Story now! On June 1st, Google Labs rolled out +1 buttons for websites as well! Now we'll start seeing +1's on websites, large and small, across the Internet! Google has partnered with - The Washington Post, Rotten Tomatoes, TechCrunch, Mashable, Bloomberg, Reuters, Nordstrom, The Huffington Post, O'Reilly, Best Buy, and AddThis to help users +1 their favorite links! However, to see +1 recommendations from your friends and contacts in Google search, make sure you're signed in to your Google Account.

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