Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Expect To Be Circled Back

You may be under the assumption that people, whom you circle, should circle you back. It´s time to rethink and understand the nature of Google+

Let me explain: We are not what we like.
  • I like cooking - but - I don´t post recipes
  • I like urban planing - but - I´m not an architect 
  • I like 3D animations - but - I have no idea how to use 3D software
  • I like amazing nature shots - but - I rarely post any nature photos

As you can see: what I like is totally different from what I post.

As a result it is totally normal that the people I follow and the people who follow me are mostly not the same people.

This may still seem like a paradox to you. So let me explain further.

Real friends are a mutual relation. G+ on the other hand is in large parts not about friends, it is about sharing your ideas, thoughts and creations. As a result the people who follow you are not your friends but your community. Look at it this way: Madonna may sing for you and others at her concert, but would you expect her to listen to your singing? Probably not! 

The same is true for Google+ it´s a non-mutual network.

One more thing - This is also about quality: If you follow everyone back, like you are forced to do on Facebook, your stream will fill up with stuff you don´t want to see. 

Change your understanding of G+ and see it as a open source exchange: You may not follow everyone back, but in exchange you comment and +1 stuff you like on streams from people that may not follow you. So instead of a digital cock comparison, you end up with quality distribution - and that is what G+ is all about.

This is also written in context of the new Uncircle Chrome Plug-in: http://goo.gl/YD8sN

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Social Media Cartoon to Perk up your Weekend

It's Weekend !! Time to unwind…

Time to laugh... and refresh your body, mind & spirit before you set out to beat your Monday blues!

Here's a “pure” dose of laughter for those who eat, drink, sleep and breathe Social Media!

Have a Nice weekend folks!

#Facebook #Twitter #Google+ #Social Media...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to get more Retweets


Retweets are not only compliments, they link your message to new streams of users on twitter and help you connect with millions within minutes! Instant feedback is what makes social media sites so hugely popular in the cyberspace.

Retweets add value to your twitter profile and undoubtedly increase your digital reach and visibility across the social web. 

Getting more retweets is certainly an art! Like an artist one needs to be quite an observer and practice this art till it starts yielding good results.

Here are some tactics which I recently came to know from Tina Cook, a certified Guerrilla Marketing coach who knows how to effectively use every aspect of social media marketing. Here's the link to the post: http://goo.gl/fC6cz

If you wish to spread your brand or content further, recommendations from your followers in the form of retweets can certainly do wonders! Learn the art of getting more retweets or make it easy for others to retweet you! Click Here


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To Monetize Your Twitter Influence

Now, you can monetize your internet presence by advertising through Twitter. You can either get paid 'per tweet' or paid once for a lump sum of tweets over a short period of time. The choice is yours! SponsoredTweets is a fast-growing Twitter advertising marketplace for advertisers and tweeters alike to use.

Here's a wonderful post which I found handy. It talks all about what SponsoredTweets are all about and how as a Twitter user you can actually earn quick bucks by just tweeting! Read the complete post here.

For those looking to get started with monetizing their Twitter identity, SponsoredTweets would be a great choice. The amount of control and security involved in the system is guaranteed to give you peace of mind, and they handle all of the billing and technical details for you. Tweeter users can set their own price as well, which is always a bonus! If you’re looking to start making bucks on Twitter, give SponsoredTweets a try.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Google+ to Enforce 'Real' Name Policy for Users using Pseudonyms

Google+ has decided to ban the use of pseudonyms and nicknames in place of real names. In response to feedback though, users will not be immediately suspended for violating Google’s Common Names Policy but will be given a 4 day grace period to fix their profile names before they’re suspended.

Google+ Product Manager Saurabh Sharma explained that the decision was made "to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world" on Google+.

Here's what he said in this latest interview.


Sharma added, "We’re hoping that most affected users will be able to quickly fix their profile name while continuing to enjoy all that Google+ has to offer."

Read the complete post here http://goo.gl/4gq8K

Friday, August 12, 2011

Click Flash n Tweet ! New Photo Upload Service from Twitter

With the recently launched photo upload service from Twitter, now we have a way to fit more than a thousand words in just one single message! 

On Wednesday last, Twitter officially made public for all users their new “photo sharing” feature, announced earlier this year, allowing users to upload their photos on the site itself instead of using third-party applications like Twitpic, Instagram, and so on!

Users of this micro blogging site were greeted with a message (see below) upon opening the site, saying: "Share an image on Twitter. Now you can upload and share messages, right from Twitter!"

To upload an image along with a tweet, all users would need to do is click the camera icon located below the "Compose Tweet" text-box next to the compass icon (meant to specify the location of the user) and select the image they want to upload.

After making their selection, a thumbnail of the photo would appear below the box. For those using older browser versions, the filename instead of the thumbnail of the photo will be shown.

According to Twitter, the limit to the file size, users could upload using the “photo sharing” feature is only 3MB, and will be scaled down "to fit into the display pane on the right side of your timeline."

Some might say this to be a coincidence that just last week, Twitter forced all of its users to migrate into the ‘new layout’, launched earlier this year.  Presumably, it was a step that’s well-calculated in advance to pave the way for this new add-on!

Here’s all you can learn about using this new “photo sharing” feature from twitter. Click http://goo.gl/wjia7

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Video Call from Facebook - Powered By Skype

Clicks...Likes…& (now) Video Calling!

Yes! It’s the new offering from Facebook that, experts believe, would surely make a difference in social media usage stats the world over. With video calling facility integrated to Facebook (courtesy Skype) users "no longer need to download Skype to make voice and video calls for free."

Now it’s all possible on Facebook!

But I can’t agree with those who believe that with this new Facebook + Skype integration, the latter would gradually become irrelevant. Skype has also become hugely popular for its additional features which include "instant messaging", "file transfer", and "video conferencing", features which are intrinsic to several organizations for smooth day to day management-employee coordination.

On the other hand, as of 2010, Skype has 663 million registered users. If even a quarter of them shifts their usage pattern and starts using Facebook video calling feature over Skype, it will add a lot to Facebook’s user-base.

News that’s buzzing around is that, Facebook and Skype (read Microsoft) is determined to counter Google+ and hence the announcement within a week of the launch of Google’s (plus) project.

Whatever, the corporate games, for the average user, its good news!

If you’re looking to jump into Facebook video calling, there’s a step by step tour for you Click here

Call your friends right from Facebook. Just click the call button at the top of your friend’s profile or chat window. And there’s no need to download software. In case of ‘No Answer’, you can leave a video message as well!

Bring your conversations to life. Get started today!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Less Is More...The Future of Gmail

“Less is more” - Its been Google's unofficial motto for quite sometime and the Mountain View firm isn't opting for a revised version either! The latest proof being an attempt to give a minimalist look to Gmail, Google's premier email service. As a part of its ongoing interface updates, yesterday Google launched two new themes - “Preview (Dense)” and “Preview”.

Over the last few years, Google added countless features to beef up Gmail, to challenge the dominance of - AIM, Yahoo, and Windows Live (Hotmail). No doubt, such features have turned Gmail into an increasingly powerful communication hub. But it has it's downsides as well! According to the Gmail team the email service has turned exceedingly “cluttered and complex”. Hence the launch of two new themes, which according to the Official Gmail Blog “would eventually expand dynamically to accommodate different screen sizes and include user preferences”. 

Here's a sneak peek at how the themes look like.

New (Left)   vs    Old (Right)

Now here's my personal take on the two new themes.  
  • Preview(Dense) and Preview (see the screenshot above) both looks almost similar. However, as the name suggests, the “Dense” version is more 'compact' while in the other one, the tabs and buttons are more 'spread out'.
  • Unlike ordinary themes that deal with vibrant colors. These two new themes are part of a redesign that addresses elements like the size and shapes of the 'Compose Button', the search buttons, and navigation controls.
  • The new themes look visually enticing as well. Especially, now Gmail looks identical to Google + without all the clutter!
  • The large red 'Compose Button' is the highlight of both the themes. The clean look is more spread out than the Classic Gmail interface. Basking in the white space, it makes finding and reading mails more easier than its earlier avatar.
  • The predominant colors used in both the themes are red, white, and gray, however, according to Google “more colors will follow soon”.
If you're curious to explore, log in to your Gmail account and go to “Mail Settings”. Next click on “Themes” and you'll see two new theme options -“Preview” and Preview(Dense). Select the one you like and unfold the future-look of Gmail!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Mac OS X Lion Apple’s Best Innovation Ever?

It’s been just a few days now that Steve Jobs’ keynote at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco (Jun 6-10) has concluded! And what an event it was!

Leave alone the showcasing of the newest technologies and latest innovations from Apple including iOS 5 (to be available this fall meant for iPhone 3GS and above, iPad & iPad 2, and 3rd & 4th generation iPod Touch) or iCloud (a cloud-based service for syncing and backing up documents, photos, calendars, contacts, music, and email), the event was ‘Significant’, for it showcased to the world, the very first preview of the Mac Operating System’s next major version X Lion.

Once the news is out, there’s no stopping back! And rightly so, after all, you wouldn’t get to hear about so many tech innovations in a single day under one roof! But that’s how iGod had planned!

Now that the World Wide Web is teeming with reviews of WWDC 2011 and the internet is flooded with reviews, synopsis, expert analysis, and critical insights on Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 or iCloud, I don’t really find it fruitful to make this post yet another boring discourse.

Let’s not talk about what ‘can be’ or ‘should be’. Let’s try and see what’s there for the offering. Here’s a brief  ‘easy-to-digest’ summary of the salient features of Mac OS X Lion.
  • The new OS X Lion has 250+ fresh features!
  • There’s Multi-Touch Gestures to give users an iPhone like feel and touch.
  • With Mac OS X Lion, the App Store comes with delta upgrades for faster app updates. Besides, the Mac App Store is now the #1 channel for buying any software and is ahead of Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Office Depot.
  • There are more than 3,000 new APIs in Mac OS X Lion
  • If you want to upgrade any of your earlier versions of Mac OS like Snow Leopard to X Lion, all you need to do is buy it from Mac App store. No more discs involved!
Here’s an insider look at what more you can expect from the Mac OS X Lion once it hits the App market place in July with an upgrade price of $29.99.

Just 2 latest stats that I came across:
  • Mac users – More than 54 million globally
  • Mac has grown 28%, while PC growth has shrunk 1% year-over-year!
With the X Lion ready to spring into action this July, the figures would certainly need to be revised before WWDC 2012 rolls out with yet another bunch of surprises!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Beauty of +1’s

Last week a friend of mine, who's an artist by profession, asked me if I can give him some details on Gagosian Gallery. Now, I'm not that informed about galleries and this one surely sounded Greek! I Google'd and there it was! Pages of information on Gagosian Gallery from Google's Search Engine Result Page (SERP) listings. I clicked on the Wikipedia link and found what I was looking for. A second link directed me to an art review published in the New York Times, not too long ago, helped me gain extensive knowledge about contemporary art galleries in the US. While the Official site offered information on the gallery locations, gallery pictures, the ongoing exhibitions, and so on. The result, a smile of satisfaction on my friend's face and a feeling of contentment inside!

You might say "Whats so special about it?"

Well, you're right, that's how we all do it! Isn't it? I mean, we Google to find the desired information on people, places, products, events, news, and what not!

But, from now on things wouldn't be the same as before! And the change is surely for the better.
It's the newest addition from Google Labs +1 button for websites!

Now we already had +1 button in March, earlier this year, which aimed at helping us find the most relevant results as quickly as possible! The basic concept was to enable users share recommendations with the world right from Google's SERP listings. All that we had to do was click +1 tab on a search result, we found useful. These +1's then start appearing on our contact's search results who in turn would +1 their respective recommendations. So, the next time we Google something, say a recipe or a popular tourist place, we would find +1's on our Google results that some friend of ours have recommended as "this is pretty cool". Thus, it makes our selection much easier!

But even that's an Old Story now! On June 1st, Google Labs rolled out +1 buttons for websites as well! Now we'll start seeing +1's on websites, large and small, across the Internet! Google has partnered with - The Washington Post, Rotten Tomatoes, TechCrunch, Mashable, Bloomberg, Reuters, Nordstrom, The Huffington Post, O'Reilly, Best Buy, and AddThis to help users +1 their favorite links! However, to see +1 recommendations from your friends and contacts in Google search, make sure you're signed in to your Google Account.