Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Blekko The Potential Google Killer?

If you are well versed with the Google Story, this is something new that might surprise you at the first go. Predicted to be a potential “Google killer” it is a new search engine which is all set to spread its wings on the cyber horizon. It's a new search portal called Blekko - the brainchild of Rich Skrenta, a former AOL man. The brand new search engine is fueled by the technological expertise of Tom Annau, a former Google Engineer, with equally efficient marketing acumen of Michael Markson, and with proficient skills of chief architects Greg Lindahl and Keith Peters. Funded by Silicon valley based U.S investor firm USVP and CMEA Capital, Blekko promises to be a techno hub for the future.

With all these insider information, you might ask what’s new with Blekko that’s making all the news. You may even nullify these for being another media infused gimmick. However, there is one point to clarify regarding the launch of Blekko and it concerns the basic search parameters that Blekko is sure to introduce in the coming days.

Blekko is designed on a core foundation of expertise from people who headed leading positions in such reputed organizations as Google, AOL, and Netscape. This is further proof of the edge that this new search engine is going to have over other big shots in the coming days. An industry insider from the cyber fraternity expects that Blekko will surely bite into Goggle’s popularity just after its launch, later this month.

With Blekko search engine ready to launch, the average internet user will get an exotic taste of search features and enjoy superlative experience of net surfing in a few days time.

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